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The Energy Industry: Types and Examples of Companies

The Energy Industry: Types and Examples of Companies

As a country rich in Natural Resources (SDA), Indonesia is blessed with vast agricultural products such as mineral mining that the state can utilize for the community.

One of the reasons this industrial sector is significantly developed in the country is because Indonesia has various energy sources, from coal, gas, oil, solar power, electricity, and many others.

This sector is not only limited to exploration but also includes production, sales, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, and refining activities, resulting in many companies for different functions.

The Energy Industry and its Types

In simple terms, the energy industry is a business activity that includes various activities ranging from obtaining, processing, selling, extracting, refining, to distributing in the energy sector.

In Indonesia, eight types of the most popular energy industry exist. Here’s the explanation:

1. Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry or oil and gas include the process of exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, and product marketing to reach the people.

This industry’s most significant output is fuel oil (BBM), to domestic needs for cooking in the form of kitchen gas.

2. Electric Power

The community, namely electricity, very much needs the existence of this energy industry where the services start with power generation and distribution to the community.

There are various kinds of electric raw materials. The most popular in Indonesia are coal, hydropower, wind, and solar power.

3. Coal

Coal is also one of the energy industries that use quite a lot. Coal comes from the accumulation of dead plant remains and does not decompose completely. Over time, a percentage of carbon will be formed and would later be used in many forms, ranging from fuel for power plants, producing gas products, helping the steel industry, making agricultural fertilizers, and much more.

4. Nuclear Power

In Indonesia, three research reactors are still operating well:

  •     The TRIGA 2000 reactor in Bandung
  •     The Kartini Reactor in Yogyakarta
  •     The GA Siwabessy reactor in Serpong

Nuclear reactors in Indonesia have been used in various fields. As in the health sector, nuclear reactors can produce radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals.

5. Renewable Energy

It consists of companies developing alternative and sustainable energy, such as hydroelectric, wind, or solar power.

Examples of Energy Conservation Companies in Indonesia

If you mention all the companies in the Indonesian energy industry, there must be many, both local and foreign. This time we only give five examples that are well known at home and abroad:

1. PT Tigapena Sigma Energy

The location is in Bekasi, replied West. The company is engaged in environmental conservation and management. The services provided are in the form of equipment, instruments, and application of computing technology.


Or better known as PT Energy Management Indonesia, which uses environmentally sound energy. This BUMN carries out the government’s mandate to provide large-scale economic value.


Another BUMN in the energy industry was built by the government together with the world’s largest inspection company SGS. The location is in Pasar Minggu, DKI Jakarta.

The focus of its services is in fields related to inspection services and supervision of trade and agriculture. In addition, it also helps in the development of the surrounding community.

4. PT Focus Indo Lighting

This manufacturing company focuses on developing technological products in the lighting industry. Its services and products have been widely used in the office, street lighting, household, and school sectors.

5. PT Tracon Industri

When it was first built in 2001, the name was PT Rekayasa Consultant, but it changed to PT Tracon Industri in 2004—known as a construction, engineering, and procurement company in the country.

Energy companies are also experiencing challenges in the digital age. The utilization of technology is not only implemented for exploration needs but also in other fields.

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