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How to conserve natural gas?

How to conserve natural gas? In this article, we provide 4 ways to conserve natural resources. An industrial guide.

How to conserve natural gas?

Natural gas has a good reputation among fossil fuels. While burning this fossil fuel, it emits much fewer greenhouse gases than oil or coal. But we cannot say it is environmentally friendly: it is just less polluting.

It is our responsibility to save as many fossil fuels as possible – not just your wallet, but the environment will thank you too.

What is natural gas?

Natural gas (also called fossil gas) is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarily of methane, but commonly including varying amounts of other higher alkanes, and sometimes a small percentage of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, or helium. Methane makes up 70-90% of natural gas.

As the name and definition suggest, it is a completely natural gas, coming from dead animals buried deep under the Earth’s surface – for millions of years. That is why we call it non-renewable. If it is gone, we cannot produce more.

Natural gas is a cheap and reliable alternative that has less carbon dioxide emissions than other fossil fuels.

Of course, natural gas has its disadvantages too, but mostly on an industrial scale: it is costly to store, and it can explode if not stored or transported properly. The extracting process can break natural habitats too.

The use of natural gas

According to the EIA, the commercial sector uses natural gas to

  •     heat buildings and water
  •     to operate refrigeration and cooling equipment
  •     to cook
  •     to dry clothes
  •     to provide outdoor lighting 
  •     as a fuel in combined heat and power systems

The use of natural gas in commercial buildings is similar to its use in homes.

4 ways to conserve natural gas

In order to protect our environment (and save money), we will give you 4 tips on saving on natural gas. You can implement these tips in the office or in the factory.

Adjust the water heater

Fix the dripping leakages, and also insulate your water pipes to get the system work more efficiently. For a factory, this is inevitable and can save thousands of euros a year. If you work with an industrial amount of water, only a 1% loss of your resources can mean unwanted costs.

Change the company culture

Probably this is the most challenging thing to do. It is okay to wear hoodies at the office in the winter, you do not necessarily need to heat the house to 25 degrees. Ask your colleagues to respect the environment.

Update your air conditioning system

Changing your HVAC filter every one or two months can help your air conditioning system to work more efficiently. Thus, less energy can heat your company headquarters. Also, consider installing a smart programmable thermostat. It is not good if your workers are freezing, but it is also not necessary to heat the whole building, so all the windows are constantly open.

Get better insulation

Check for leaks around doors and windows, and get better insulation around the facility. Also, cover the floor with carpets, and use curtains, so the room will keep more warmth. 


  •     Natural gas is a cheap and reliable energy source
  •     But you need to change the way you conserve natural gas
  •     Not just your budget, but the environment will thank you too