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Requirements For Business Major

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Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate degrees in business typically require a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate. This typically includes core classes such as accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and management. Many institutions will also require additional classes in business law, operations management, and international business. In addition to the core business classes, undergraduate degrees in business may also require an internship or a capstone project.

In order to gain admission to business school, most undergraduate programs require a certain level of proficiency in mathematics, including algebra and pre-calculus. Depending on the institution, there may also be requirements for additional courses in the humanities or the sciences. Additionally, many business schools require a minimum grade point average in order to apply.

Graduate Degrees

Graduate degrees in business require an even greater level of commitment and dedication. Most graduate programs require a minimum of 36 credit hours, with many programs requiring up to 48 credit hours. Graduate degrees typically include classes in advanced accounting, finance, economics, and marketing. Depending on the institution, the program may also include classes in the areas of management, international business, and business law.

In order to gain admission to a graduate program in business, a strong academic record is a must. Most graduate programs require a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average and may require a higher score. Additionally, some institutions may require the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).


Requirements for business major vary depending on the institution and the level of degree. However, most undergraduate and graduate programs require a certain level of proficiency in mathematics, a minimum grade point average, and a strong academic record. Additionally, many institutions may require additional exams such as the GMAT or the GRE.

While the requirements for business major can be daunting, they are necessary in order to ensure the quality of students who enter the field. By meeting the requirements, students can ensure that they are well prepared to enter the business world.